Mar 22, 2010

Hipsters, here I come

So, I really want to get a commuter bike that I can use to run errands and hopefully ride to work...when work presents itself to me.

My desire for cheapness has me looking at the Windsor Clockwork, or possibly the SE Lager. I've never ridden a singlespeed before, road or mountain, so I'm gonna stop by Urban Downfall today and take one for a spin.

Am I on the verge of becoming a hipster? Are skinny jeans, canvas shoes, and v-neck t-shirts just over the horizon?

Time will tell.

Post script: Two pics from last week. The Utah Lake shot is from a ride last week, and the Manti Temple photo I took after my friend Manny's wedding on Saturday.

A dock at the American Fork marina of Utah Lake

Manti Temple


Jayson said...

If this is going to be a commuter/errand runner, make sure it has clearance for a full set of fenders. It will keep you clean (and reduce that awful mud stripe) and keep what ever you are carrying clean. The Orange bike looks like it has room, but check first. Blog said...

Ahh look at you taking pictures and playing with Photoshop. How cute.

No Gracias said...

I commend you on your biking aspirations; however, if you pick up on skinny jeans, it's over for you.


there's a certain allure to the simplicity of a singlespeed. however i'm going to put my two cents in for liz and say your wife needs a road bike before you get to invest in bike number three and a pair of skinny jeans :) (just what I heard??)