Mar 5, 2010

Spring is coming

Don't let all this snow fool you - Spring is actually on the way.

Behold, the ice melts on Utah Lake!

The ice melts on Utah Lake

I took Rumbi for a walk yesterday morning around 10:30. It was so warm outside, I decided I'd suit up and get out for a ride. But by the time I'd changed and pulled out of the garage, the sun had ducked behind a cloud and the wind had started to blow.

While some choose to sit inside sipping soup, others saddle up and plow headlong into the oncoming storm.

Still others - admittedly less brave and likely less intelligent - ride out thinking it's going to be warm, only to end up battling stiff headwinds and bits of freezing rain.

But my burning legs confirmed to me that I had made the right decision. Regardless of weather, it's always worth it once you get out there.


liz said...

swwweet pic. ;)

Anonymous said...


no gracias said...

I prefer no burn and sitting at home in front of the computer, not sipping soup. Hmpf... So there...