Mar 10, 2010

Vineyard TT

Since early last season, I've been thinking I should make a time trial out of a portion of one of the routes I often ride.

I tried it out on Monday afternoon, and it turned out to be pretty awesome (minus the wind).

I've dubbed it the Vineyard Time Trial. It's an 8-mile loop along the east shore of Utah Lake, out by the sod farms in Vineyard and the marina in Lindon.

It's mostly flat (just 200 feet of total elevation gain), lots of straight stretches, and virtually no traffic.

I put in a time of 23:53, giving me an average of 20.1 mph over the 8-mile course.

It's a good benchmark for this year's training efforts. We'll slowly whittle that down as the season progresses.


Seth said...

Got a map of this TT course? It would be fun to see exactly how much slower than you I am throughout the season.

No Gracias said...

Nice! Show Liz so she and I can try it out this year. Chop chop!