Jan 4, 2011


I've been wondering what it would take to draw me out of blogging retirement. The answer is apparently facial hair.

Lo, the Christmas beard! This is the longest I've ever let it grow (just over a month), and it was awesome. Gotta do this more often.

But it started getting too itchy, so I'm slowly deconstructing it. Below is a photographic detailing of its devolution.

Good times, man. Good times.

Steve Dalton beard

The beard at its peak.

Steve Dalton beard

Tried shaving just the chin - kinda old school style - but that wasn't really working.

Steve Dalton beard

Went with this solid look for a couple of days.

Steve Dalton beard

Shot of the 'burns.

Steve Dalton beard

Moved to the cop moustache.

Steve Dalton beard

My dad pulls off this look much better than me.

Steve Dalton beard

Whittled it down to this dapper option, a la...

Clark Gable

...Clark Gable, or possibly...

...the Dread Pirate Roberts. I think the resemblence to both is fairly obvious, don't you?


The Valentines said...

Glad to see you got rid of the gross side burns and the gross long mustache. I'm sure Liz appreciated that one.

Ali-litical said...

How oh how did your poor wife put up with looking at that thing?

Anonymous said...

the last mustache is too thick. Do it again, only thinner.